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The Rodriguez family has now grown Pueblo Viejo into 5 locations. Still family owned and operated, we serve traditional Mexican food with no compromises. Today, Pueblo Viejo is run by the Rodriguez Family.

Serving fresh Mexican food on The Treasure Coast since 1997, we focus on community involvement blending them into delicious signature recipes and delivering each meal with unequaled hospitality.

You will taste the tradition at every table, in every dish, and within every savory ingredient! Every family has their secrets, ours just happen to be recipes.


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Muy Mexicano

Pueblo Viejo translates to “Old Town” our traditional food comes from our old town in Mexico where the family recipes where passed down from generation to generation, we are proud to serve you simply the best food from our family to yours. Come and enjoy our authentic and always fresh Mexican food at any of our locations, we will surely make you fell like family

Rodriguez Family


Carlos “Danny” Herrera, owner of Tijuana’s restaurant “Rancho La Gloria”, claims he invented the drink in 1938. What inspired him? A picky dancer, it seems. Restaurant goer Marjorie King declared she was allergic to all spirits except tequila, but didn’t like to drink the spirit straight. So Herrera worked around the prototypical tequila shot (which is taken with salt and lime) and threw together the margarita


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